Enlist in the ‘Piss Army!’

Welcome to my rock n’ roll military fetish fantasy where the piss is always streaming and the action is always driving. Put down your mop boys, this ain’t the navy! It’s time to enlist!

‘Piss Army’ stars Raging Stallion Exclusives Tommy Defendi, Chris Porter and Kennedy Carter. Also one of my all time faves Drew Cutler and two new hot fuckers Steve Stavrou and Jake Tyler. My boyfriend Bruno Bond does a beautiful job designing the sound stage and the lighting. When his light hits the piss stream just right, its not only hot as hell to watch, its gorgeous!! I couldn’t be more proud.

This movie was one of my favorites to direct, the sex is piggy and the boys out do themselves! ‘Piss Army’ releases in the Fall. In stores by November. Check it, I just finished designing the box cover!