About Steve

I’m Steve Cruz. P*rn Entertainer, Director, Pr*ducer.

By day I work for Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios. Some call me Chris Ward’s bitch 😉 seriously it’s true… I edit, I’m his chief videographer, I’m one of his directors and I even design a DVD box or two. I bitch about being one of the hardest worked guys in porn but I admit I love what I do!

I also own my own web studio, with my partner Bruno Bond, at Hard Friction. We’re putting out DVDs too!

You may know me from my movies, the ones I starred in. I’ve earned a few awards for them. 2007 Raging Stallion Man of the Year. 2008 Grabby’s Best Newcomer. 2009 Grabby’s Performer of the Year. 2009 Naked Sword Man of the Year. 2010 Grabby’s Best Group Scene. 2010 GAYVN’s Best Supporting Actor, and most recently 2011 Cybersocket.com Surfer’s Choice Award for Best Porn Star. My film credits include GRUNTS, Hotter Than Hell, Link: the Evolution, Focus/Refocus and on and on…

My performances these days may get trumped by my desire to discover new talent and direct the type of sex I want to have and I want to see. Sex with chemistry. But every once in while I give it up— literally, for my fans who continue to support me over the years.

This blog is for you.