Thank you GAYVN!

I want to take a minute to thank the judges at GAYVN for voting for me- best supporting actor. People always crack jokes about porn acting and how bad it is. I knew I had a few performances in previous films where I was guilty of ‘porn acting’. So yeah, I actually DID take acting lessons to prepare for this role. I just wanted to be able to stand up to the likes of Cole Streets and David Taylor.

I’m very grateful! Its a nice milestone as I develop into a role as videographer/director and move behind the scenes more and more. I’m not saying I’m retiring from all performances though I have none scheduled on the horizon any time soon… but it feels good to be recognized. I didn’t see it coming really. I’ve lost at the GAYVNs before many times.

Because we worked so hard I am glad I could do my studio proud. This movie took many months of preparation behind the scenes and a full month to film, it was a huge time commitment for the principal ‘actors/models’. I especially owe Tony DiMarco for honing in my performances, giving them direction and editing the best of what we shot over and over and over and over 🙂
My death scene took 25 long takes to perfect.

To the reviewers and judges who made this happen- THANK YOU!
And thank you to my main man Diesel Washington for posting this clip on YouTube!