Cruz Diary

July 25- Finally a day off after commuting everyday to film the next Falcon movie. How much do I love Trystan Bull!

July 20- Looking forward to working with the legendary sexy Cody Cummings today!

July 19- Great shoot up in Sonoma County! I got lots of sun.

July 18- Played with the Boys Next Door, well not literally but it was almost as fun.

July 16- Great day in wine country with Bruno.

July 15- I see the light at the end of the tunnel this week, hopefully its not a train.

July 14- Discipline is again becoming a good friend. It helps to have new goals and — dare I say it again — to put yourself first in the ways that count.

July 13- I need a big dick… launched a talent search. Double entendre? Whatever.

July 12- Slept, played bass, slept, went to the gym, ate sensible meals, slept… what a great day.

July 11- Finally a day to reset and recharge…

July 10- Production is stress, there is no other way to put it. Excess of personalities stirring the pot, others trying hard to work together but when communication is poor sometimes feathers get ruffled. A healthy system could remedy a lot. Until that day, I started implementing little pep talks to clear the air and get right with my team. As I model I could always tell when the set was disorganized. I never want that for my boys but mistakes happen, people are people.

July 9- Not letting my busy schedule interfere with my healthy lifestyle anymore. Feeling so much better mentally, physically.

July 8- Up at 6pm, jog around the lake to the gym then a back workout, jog home get ready for work and direct two of the hottest men alive! A great day!

July 7- Rugburn begins: Race Cooper is drilling for home in Shay Michaels! Black on white is outtasight! (I went there)

July 6- People are often telling you what you are not giving them, and quick to forget what you have done for them in the past… maybe this is the real reason why the industry is a revolving door.

July 5- Fixing the edit that came back for FVP211 ‘Retreat’, planning FVP214 ‘Dripping Wet 4′ and gearing up for ‘Rugburn!’ the next Monster Bang! Busy. Busy. Busy.

July 4- Bruno and I took a stroll on the waterfront near our new apartment, our new neighborhood is awesome!

July 2- So much to be proud of ‘Dominus’, ‘Giants 1 and 2′, ‘Big Package’ and next week ‘Hard Friction: All Access’ all released at the same time. I feel accomplished.

July 1- My first day back to work, yes there was some foolishness… but what’s changed is me. Acceptance is knowing there will be foolishness and letting it be. In addition to foolishness there was also pizza.