‘Fresh Meat’ debuts to kind reviews!

Hard Friction debuts its pro-am line ‘Hard Friction EDGE’ and the first of the series, volume one is ‘Fresh Meat’! Titled for its many first time performances, ‘Fresh Meat’ is a collection of screen test previously debuted on Hard Friction.com as web scenes to members. Trent Diesel’s first scene is included in the collection, as is Hard Friction discovery Draven Torres’ first on camera experience plus Hard Friction discovery Lonzo Zolar’s screen test. Most scene start with a candid interview with the performer… but its much less of an interview as it is a provocative chat to break the ice. What makes these guys sexy to us is that they are real guys.

I was a little nervous putting out this DVD, because its not what you usually see from studios. It was a bit of a risk. But that’s what Hard Friction EDGE is all about. I’m excited the reviewers were turned on… and ‘got into’ what we were trying to do. As always Bruno and I are grateful for the appreciation and support!

The reviews (in no particular order)

Brent Blue of ManNet.com says Highly Recommended!
“Directors Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz make believers of us all that the studio has a real interest in developing new studs for the screen!”

Fair View liked ‘Fresh Meat’— “a sexy and warm vibe that says come play with us!”

Jack Manly calls ‘Fresh Meat’ “fresh and spontaneous!”

…as more reviews are added we’ll post them!