Blue Collar Brawn

Every time I turn around another one of my movies pops up! —SCHWING!

Yeah, you can say I get around. Always had that kind of reputation. The cast of Raging Stallion’s ‘Blue Collar’ all do it for me! All my type of guys here. Muscled, masculine, hard workin’ hard fuckin’, hairy, hung dudes sweatin’ it out for my lens. Bo Dean, Hunter Marx, Shay Michaels, Heath Jordan, Damien Stone… I think you’re beginning to get the picture… and the cast list like my hard on rages on. Here’s your sneak peak below the tool belt.

***Added Friday August 19
Here’s a recent review from Brent Blue of
The review is good… he’s clearly a fan of my type of man, a guy after my own heart. But it’s his paragraph opener that makes a guy like me who’s better known more for being hard and horny— go a little misty eyed. Like, wow! There couldn’t be a bigger compliment about my body of work. Bear love back to you Brent! and all of ManNet staff.

‘Perhaps because he was a performer without an equal, director Steve Cruz understands almost better than anyone else around now how to make the best hot and hairy gay porn.‘ Read the rest of the review.