Cheers, Jeers and ‘Fussy Queers’

It’s true what they say— you can’t please ‘em all. As a director I try to make the hottest porn I know how to, though ask any director and he’ll probably tell you the same. What does that mean for me? I try to keep the focus on the sex. Regardless of the set up or subtext, keep the sex exciting while preserving the natural flow of male sexuality. It’s not at all easy. What if performers don’t bring themselves fully to a performance? Sometimes directing gay men (and their bi and G4P counterparts) can feel like herding cats. You get more by coaxing, inspiring and good old fashioned ‘cheerleading’. Almost everyone responds well to praise. It helps that I used to be a performer. I can relate. A director that comes in with bravado and thinks he’s going to force his will through better dialogue and sex choreography is just missing the point.

It’s a weird, wonderful and sometimes stressful job. In the end a failure, regardless of the why, is still my failure. Even if the models suck or won’t suck … say they show up stoned, partied out or worse we get stuck with a hopeless diva (don’t ask for names). It’s my job to keep it all on track and make each porn a ‘suck’cess.

Cranking out movie after movie after movie this year— so many I lose count, I try and keep ideas fresh. I have to. Which is why Hard started filming our webcam exploits. Fans of the webcam shows (members that actually watch us direct live twice a month) may be quick to accept the new format where fans of the old format may be less enthusiastic about stepping outside the tried and true. So far Raging Stallion customer feedback has been great!

The first DVD collection is ‘Live Sex‘ and the second is the recently released ‘All Access.’ If you like what you see on DVD and want to tune in live, check out the upcoming section of Hard for the next cam show.

We’ve had a few great and one bad review, very recently. To stay current you have to take some risks. You can’t please them all. The process is constantly evolving. I’m wide open for fan comments, ultimately its what you guys think that matters most! You know where to leave them.

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Reviews for ‘Live Sex‘
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A preview of a scene from ‘Get Some‘
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Hard Friction’s next DVD ‘Get Some‘ is edited. We release it early this fall! It features shows from: Aybars, Jesse Santana, Christopher Daniels and Cavin Knight.