Thank you post

Its the holiday season. Time to think of others and return the press and support I’ve been given throughout the year. A warm, loving thank you goes out to these bloggers, reviewers, agents and fans that have given Steve Cruz Blog, Hard Friction and Raging Stallion their support and or press! See who’s nice or naughty…

Naughty and nice!

Howard and the whole team at Fabscout Entertainment, JC Adams and, Boxmann Paris, Cocktails with Scott Boardman, Jason Curious and DV8 Casting, Cybersocket, DNA Magazine!!!, DeWayne, Dewitt Daily, FairView Sue, Faultline LA, Fleshbot Gay and Brian, Frontiers LA, Frank in Progress, Gay Daily Hot and Jasun Mark, Gay Demon, Gay Porn Blog (Mike and Jack), Gay Porn Gossip, GAYVN and Mickey Skee, Grabby’s Stacy and Mark! and GRAB Magazine, Guiltily Pleasured Tamara, Hot Spots, JRL, Jump on Mark’s List, Jack Manly -woof!, Maenner Magazine and Bruno Gmuender Books (woof to Mathius), Man Net… Butch Harris, Brent Blue, Martin Cox and the whole staff! , Men of Color Blog, My Queer America, Queer Click, Queer Porn Nation!, Queer Me Now, QX MEN, RAD Video, Scruff NYC and Mike Dreyden, The Starrfucker himself, The Sword staff and head writer Zachary Sire for honoring and not mocking my Heather Locklear fetish, Tetu, Vincent Lambert, Wank Magazine France, XBIZ, Nick Young, and last but never least XXFactor- Onan and Harley! Of course there are a lot of porn fans and subscribers of Hard Friction that I don’t know by name and many I should be crediting here. Thank you for your support! I keep working hard for YOU!

A lump of coal!

This goes out to the haters you know who you are! Sometimes the bad press is just as valuable and I wouldn’t want your efforts to go unnoticed. To you with jealousy and bitterness in your heart hiding behind a masked IP, an anon; or doing it shamelessly right out in the open! Here’s to your lack of originality, panache and most of all… your inability to just get over yourself. To all those who I unfollowed, blocked and chucked in the SPAM bin in 2010— I honor you! You force me to grow stronger and feel grateful for the opportunities that I have.

So everyone have a great holiday season, and here’s to a stronger wiser 2011.
Love what you do!

Steve Cruz