GAYVN noms make Steve piss pants!

Can I get a fresh jock?? …because I just about pissed mine! GAYVN Award Nominations are announced and I didn’t see this coming.

The nominations for ‘Focus/Refocus’, especially for best picture category, was not a surprise since we won the Grabby this year! BUT the nomination for best supporting actor was! —me?? Also a performer of the year nomination for the 3rd year in a row?? INSANE! For the record I never won for newcomer or performer, though, in those years past. I was beat out by my buds Blake Riley and Logan McCree. Still it was an honor to be nominated. And Susan Lucci I am not, I won for my participation in best group scene for ‘Link:the Evolution’. It WAS a hot scene 😉 !

Other good news… ‘Hard Friction’ was nominated for best website and best web-to-DVD release! and the group scene in ‘Focus/Refocus’ got nominated as well, another Grabby win!

Grabby’s don’t always indicate who will be this year’s GAYVN winners. In the end its not who wins its about recognizing the hard work we do each year! Maybe the real test of excellence is how graciously we lose. LOL! Thank you GAYVN committee for all the nods, you are so good to me.

I’ll also be routing for ‘Dark Room’ for best fetish film, —go Falcon! and also ‘Arabian Nights’ for best all sex movie, sorry Chi Chi! Having shot all of part 1 I’ll be especially proud if that wins!

Click here to read the full list… if you haven’t read them already! 😉

Congrats the all the nominees. Its only too bad the lists are a little shorter this year. No disrespect to GAYVN, I can think of a few special people I expected to see on the list this year. And what happened to Art Direction, Photography and Box Design? Also best editing is a missing category. A great film is made in the edit. But I am sure GAYVN has heard all these gripes and nitpicks year after year! Hell, I never cared until I started editing, art directing and designing boxes. Its hard to please everyone LOL! I am sure people are plenty mad to see me again on the list. But so what! Today I’m happy and grateful.

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